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miniPrevail® LP Buccal Tube


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Works seamlessly with our miniPrevail® LP Twin and miniPrevail® SL bracket systems.

Made in the U.S.A by G&H® Orthodontics

Engineered with the patient and orthodontist in mind

Available in Bondable or Weldable designs

Features include:

  • Low profile and sleek hook is designed for the utmost patient comfort
  • Distinct "crosshair" horizontal and vertical placement signt lines
  • Balanced to facilitate easier bonding
  • Anatomically formed base with developmental indent for precise fit and positioning
  • 80–gauge indented mesh pad with an anatomically formed fit and maximum bond strength

Developmental Indent
Because precise positioning is critical in establishing an effective treatment and avoiding occlusal interference with opposing teeth, we designed our bond pads with pronounced developmental indents to make locating the optimal bonding position a snap.

Molded Compound Contour Base
Anatomically conforms to the tooth and provides proper fit and appliance expression.

80–Gauge Mesh
Featuring an 80–gauge mesh base in two different pad configurations, our direct bond tubes are sure to meet all of your treatment needs.

Large Indented Pad (1st Molar)

large pad

Small Indented Pad (2nd Molar)

small pad


Torque Offest Rx M–D
Edgewise 4.2mm or 3.2mm
-10° Roth 4.2mm or 3.2mm
-14° 10° MBT 4.2mm or 3.2mm
-10° MBT 4.2mm or 3.2mm


Torque Offset Rx M–D
Edgewise 4.2mm or 3.2mm
-25° Roth 4.2mm or 3.2mm
-20° MBT 4.2mm or 3.2mm
-10° MBT 4.2mm or 3.2mm
*G&H prescriptions are not implied to be an exact version of any other system, nor do we claim any endorsement by the doctor.

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