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Offer a unique end-to-end solution that makes it easy to capitalize on the growing demand for aligners.

Backed by Experts,
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Tune combines decades of orthodontic expertise and refined technology that has treated 100,000+ cases to offer an aligner solution you and your patients will love.
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Expert Support

Leverage the G&H Orthodontics® team and a dedicated clear aligner expert for support and training. 

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Desirable Results

Deliver optimal outcomes using best-in-class technology for your patients.

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Quick Setup and Delivery

Fast and easy, the process from setting up the SmileStudio software to selling aligners can be done in a month.

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Decrease costs with optimal chair time per patient to maintain a healthy profit margin and provide affordable care.

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Proven Technology

Zendura™ FLX and SmileStudio have existed and been refined for over seven years, providing great results without complications.

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“The treatment plans have been tracking really well with minor issues that are quickly addressed and corrected. Majority of patients’ aligners track perfectly and are quickly in and out of treatment.”

Benjamin Stevens

Benjamin R. Stevens, DDS

Beautiful Smiles, Indianapolis

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Getting Started Is Easy With Tune


hours to turn around case planning


days for complete aligner delivery


fewer aligner stages


less expensive than the other guys
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Give Patients Access to Affordable Aligners

Interest in aligners is high, but price is an obstacle for many patients. A fraction of the cost of competitors, Tune expands treatment to patients priced out of other options. Whether you want to break into aligners or offer an affordable option that allows you to treat more patients, Tune makes it simple.

No Aligner Experience? No Problem

With Tune, you don’t have to know anything about aligners – that’s our role. Leveraging G&H Orthodontics’ 45+ years of expertise, Tune is more than just a product. It’s a comprehensive system that provides: 

  • Highly trained doctors to review each case, as needed
  • Ongoing education to ensure optimal patient outcomes
  • Marketing materials for you, your staff and your patients to communicate the benefits of Tune
  • SmileStudio software training and onboarding

High-Quality Performance

You don’t have to sacrifice quality for price. With Zendura FLX and SmileStudio, Tune is crafted with a premium-engineered material and an intuitive software.

  • Best-in-Class Tooth Movement: Teeth movement forces are important. Zendura FLX delivers the highest and most consistent aligner forces in the market, while maintaining exceptional patient comfort.
  • Superb Clarity and Stain-Resistance: The aligner remains transparent throughout treatment.
  • No Wasted Software Movements: The SmileStudio algorithm allows multiple teeth movements to take place at once, keeping treatment time at top of mind.
  • Easy to Use: SmileStudio works with your systems, providing a portal for case planning and management.

Getting Started Is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

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Step 1: Schedule a Demo

Fill out the form to see how Tune helps your practice capitalize on the booming aligners market.

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Step 2: Submit a Trial Case

Put our software and expertise to the test with a case planning recommendation.

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Step 3: Get Started

Review and approve your case and get aligners delivered in as little as 10 days. 

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