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Designer Ties
Designer Ties Available Shapes

Made in the USA


Elastomeric ligature ties as unique as kids!

DesignerTies® are the best way to make a fashion statement with your patients’ braces! Designs and colors for the ultimate in self expression every time they smile.

DesignerTies® are similar in function to a traditional elastomeric ligature tie, having similar interaction with the bracket and the archwire. No interference with traditional mechanics, little or no added friction!

20 sticks with 10 individual ties. (200 ties per pack)

Choose from:

  • Blue Stars
  • Green Shamrocks
  • Green Trees
  • Light Sky Blue Football Helmets  New
  • Light Sky Blue Soccer Balls  New
  • Metallic Silver Football Helmets  New
  • Metallic Silver Ghosts  New
  • Metallic Silver Soccer Balls  New
  • Orange Football Helmets  New
  • Orange Jack O’ Lanterns  New
  • Orange Soccer Balls  New
  • Pink Flowers
  • Pink Hearts
  • Purple Flowers
  • Purple Hearts
  • Red Football Helmets  New
  • Red Hearts
  • Red Soccer Balls  New
  • Red Stars
  • Red Stockings
  • White Snowflakes
  • White Stars
  • Yellow Smiley Faces
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Designer Ties Application Step 1
1  Grasp the Designer Ties by the ligature from the top, just to the right of the upper connector and remove the Designer Ties from the stick. Be careful not to grasp the shape/symbol.

Designer Ties Application Step 2
2  Apply the ligature tie to the lower left bracket wing and ensure the lower connector is centered between the two lower bracket wings.

Designer Ties Application Step 3
3  Stretch the ligature tie upward to engage the upper left bracket wing and ensure the upper connector is centered between the two upper bracket wings.

Designer Ties Application Step 4
4  Using a clockwise rotational movement, stretch the ligature tie downward and to the right to engage the lower right bracket wing.

Designer Ties Application Step 5
5  Continue the clockwise rotational movement in an upward direction around the upper right bracket wing to fully engage the ligature tie to the bracket.

Designer Ties Application Step 6
6  Ensure the connectors are properly positioned between the bracket wings and the shape/symbol is upright and centered over the bracket.


Each shape sold separately.

20 sticks with 10 individual ties. (200 ties per pack)


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DesignerTies® Starter Kit

Can’t decide on just one shape? Get a convenient starter kit!

Each starter pack includes:

  • (1) 20pk of Red Hearts
  • (1) 20pk of Blue Stars
  • (1) 20pk of Purple Flowers
  • (1) 20pk of Yellow Smiley Faces
  • (1) DesignerTies® chairside key ring for easy patient selecting
  • (2) 8.5"x11" in–office DesignerTies® stand up displays with (25) tri–fold pamphlets


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