There are many facets to orthodontic marketing – parents, kids, referring doctors, school, social media, community, etc. But one of the most important is turning your practice into an extremely fun environment.

Take note of the word extremely. Many orthodontic practices have a few internal activities that create fun for kids. And even though you also have adult patients it is the kids that really want to have a good time.

In order to create an entire environment geared toward fun the first thing you must do is to analyze your internal marketing strategy. How many contests or raffles do you have? We suggest at least 12 per year. That may sound like a lot, but having a monthly contest or raffle fuels fun and excitement for each upcoming contest. Contests and raffles also create many opportunities to stay in contact with patients such as posting the winners on social media and within the practice, talking about the contests with mothers of potential new patients, and sending email reminders, and encouraging patients to participate.

Another way to create fun in the practice is to make the office fun every day. Whether it’s winning the newest video game, taking summer selfie’s and choosing the funniest one, or wearing fun, practice-branded T-shirts, there are a whole host of internal marketing activities to pick from to help the practice become known for fun and they can even go viral. Viral meaning other kids see kids winning contests and having fun on social media, and soon many more people are talking about your practice. As you raise the level of fun you will increase the energy in the practice and attract even more new patients.

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