G&H Orthodontics makes it easy to transition from Dentsply Sirona/GAC, and get the clinical products you trust from a partner you can count on.

You probably know G&H Orthodontics as a global leader in the development and manufacture of archwires - we are - but the G&H product portfolio goes beyond wire and offers a comprehensive selection of brackets, bands, tubes, elastomerics clinicians can trust to deliver the results they need.

As Dentsply Sirona/GAC exits the orthodontic products market, G&H understands the importance of ensuring easy and uninterrupted access to replacement goods and services. To help make your transition to G&H Orthodontics products as easy and smooth as possible, we have put together a table of product comparisons as well as the following incentives:

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Dentsply GAC Product
G&H Orthodontics Product
Sani-Ties Versa-Ties
Mini-Ties Mini-Ties
Sunburst Chain Dyna-Link Chain
AccuChain PowerLinx Chain
Super Chain Dyna-Link Slim Chain
Latex - Around the World Enchanted Latex Elastics
Latex - Around the World Extreme Latex Elastics



Dentsply GAC Product
G&H Orthodontics Product
Sentalloy/NeoSentalloy M5 Thermal Copper NiTi
BioForce G4orce Triple Force NiTi
Resolve Beta Titanium TitanMoly Titanium Molybdenum
Stainless Steel S3 Stainless Steel
Multi-Strand Stainless Steel S3 Multi-Strand Stainless Steel
Coballoy Colboloy Blue Nickel Cobalt

1) G&H Archwires are available in the most popular archform and size combinations, including lingual and reverse curve formats. G&H archwires are also available looped, posted, and in aesthetic finishes.



Dentsply GAC Product
G&H Orthodontics Product
MicroArch miniPrevail Twin
In-Ovation R Agility SL
Ovation C Agility Ceramic



Dentsply GAC Product
G&H Orthodontics Product
Snap-Fit Band/Ideal Band Saturn Bands


Buccal Tubes2

Dentsply GAC Product
G&H Orthodontics Product
GAC Tubes miniPrevail Tubes
Low-Profile Viper Tubes

2) Buccal tubes are available in convertible and non-convertible formats, as well as with bondable and weldable bases.


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