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Introducing the miniPrevail® family of brackets & tubes


A line of products that are designed to help orthodontists create masterpieces with the smiles of every patient.

As the world’s best manufacturer of premium archwires, G&H knows the integral role that brackets & tubes play in harmonizing successful treatment. Our new line of miniPrevail® brackets and tubes were engineered to perform seamlessly with our premium archwires and elastomerics.


The answer to achieve excellent, predictable treatment results in less time.

  • Interactive, self–ligating bracket system
  • Passive engagement during initial leveling
  • Active to provide effective torque and rotation control toward the end of treatment
  • Uses a NiTi spring clip that is strong enough to deliver continuous and consistent forces while assuring tooth movement control.
  • 80–gauge mesh anatomical bonding base
miniPrevail SL

A true miniature twin bracket system that incorporates all the benefits of a larger bracket.

  • Low–Profile Bracket System
  • A true twin design
  • Metal Injection Molded (MIM)
  • 80–gauge mesh anatomical bonding base
miniPrevail Twin


Seamlessly working together with miniPrevail® bracket systems.

  • Low–Profile design
  • Engineered with the patient and orthodontist in mind
  • Distinct "crosshair" design takes the guesswork out of placement
  • Micro–etched, 80–gauge mesh anatomical bonding base
miniPrevail Tube