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Be the Hero of their Great Big Day!

You’ve been the architect and designer of your patient’s orthodontic transformation all along.


Today is the Great Big Day.

Your patients have waited years for this.

Parents have invested resources and energy for this moment.

You have used the best quality products on the market, and with G&H, carefully created their healthy, straight smiles.

Your masterpiece is ready for its big reveal.

As your patients complete the active phase of their orthodontia journey, set them up for success by continuing their treatment with Premier Dental products to amplify your artistry and build on the masterpiece you’ve created.

When you think about it, removing braces is not the end but the beginning of a lifetime of happy and healthy smiles! So why not send your patients out with both a lustrous white smile and a plan to keep it that way?

Premier Dental products has a comprehensive product solution suite to do exactly that.

And once you do it, you’ll be the hero of their Great Big Day!

Browse Premier Dental Products *Not all Premier products for sale outside USA.

Build on the masterpieces you’ve created by following these simple steps.

1 During treatment or after braces come off, provide a thorough polishing!

2 After teeth are clean, prepare for whitening and/or retainers.

3 Let the whitening (or protection) begin!

4 Keep them smiling!